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This is the web page for the Sonnenleiter/Farfel family. I maintain it somewhat haphazardly with updates every couple of years. You will mostly see additions to the images in the galleries (see the link above) since I rarely have the time to write anything meaningful :-/ In this latest update, I moved the site to a Drupal CMS. If you're interested in details, send me a mail.

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Gail M. Farfel, PhD is the President of G Meredith Consulting LLC, an advisory business for enterprises in the Life Sciences, including asset evaluation, clinical development and regulatory strategy services, and market assessments. Together we have over 60 years experience in bringing ground breaking products to market in the areas of Psychiatry, Neurology, Gastroenterology and Allergy/Immunology.
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Blog Continuation

I honestly thought that this blog was not noticed by anybody at all. But I guess in the age of social media there is no such thing anymore as setting up a page and having it be ignored. After not adding to my blog for a few months, I actually heard from some disappointed readers who asked what's going on - imagine my surprise...

Nothing was going on. I just didn't have much to say. Or maybe I got tired of saying it. Or didn't feel like contributing any more to the mountain of stuff that gets written every day.

So I finally posted a few new things here:

Some photo albums from our vacation in Europe earlier this year and from a quick trip to see one of my favorite bands (Francis Rodino Band) in London.

Also, check out the Cooking section occasionally - I do post new recipes there once in a while.

New Photos

Finally my guilty conscience got the better of me and I uploaded some new photo albums. Some of them have been sitting in my camera for a while before I got around to move them:

Geneva photos are from our vacation in April where we visited Geneva and Paris.

Paris photos are from the same trip as above.

The Alsace album is a result of our unexpected extension to the planned one-week vacation in April. Thanks to a volcano in Iceland no transatlantic flights were taking off so we got to stick around for an extra week - two days of which we spent in Alsace.

As part of our stay in Alsace we saw tons of wildlife. My favorite was when we literally stumbled over a stork as it was having lunch with a snake - the snake's part in the lunch definitely being the less desirable one.

The other rest of our extra week got us to Germany where we visited my family and Danielle got to hang with her cousins.

In October I finally made good on my longstanding threat to show up at one of Francis Rodino's live gigs. I flew to London for the weekend to see the show at the 229 club. It's a hell of a commute, but the show was absolutely worth it.

Dogs and Religion

I may not be an expert on dogs and I certainly know little about religion. But after watching my own dog, I finally understand how religious beliefs came to exist. Here's why my dog knows so much about religion:

We have a yellow labrador retriever called Max and as most lab owners will confirm, their appetite is simply insatiable. Ours soon found out that he had to respect food on the table since it is what we plan on eating. He is a very smart puppy and he got it right away.

Google Gadgets

I have been playing around with Google gadgets for the iGoogle portal for a few days now to set up a simple rotating slide show for the SeenBy Recommendations list. While doing so I found a couple of interesting problems:

- The number one most annoying problem is Google's caching and the fact that there is no obvious way of turning it off. First I was starting to doubt myself since I rarely write javascript these days. Then I figured out that even very obvious changes would not show up at all and I started googling for "google gadgets cache", which brought up a link to this very helpful gadget: It lets you turn off caching for selected gadgets in iGoogle while you are working on them.

Facebook Connect

I'm playing around with Drupal for Facebook. Don't expect much out of it since I'm only putting some dummy material on the pages. But if you have an account on Facebook, you should now be able to log into through Facebook without having to register for a local account. Have fun and let me know how it works.

Winery Log

Just a simple collection of short notes on the various incarnations of Chateau Rivenwood wines...

I'm picking up grapes at the end of every year at Vigna del Monte in Easton, PA to make a small amount of wine. If you're interested in trying some (at your own risk), just drop by and we'll open a bottle.


I'm notoriously bad at writing down recipes for any food that I cook. Usually, I experiment, tinker with stuff, change the recipe as I go and generally do not comply with any rules. Despite all this I do occasionally cook something edible and people ask how to make it. So my answer is usually, "there's nothing written, you'll have to watch me". Now that Danielle has started to become interested in cooking, I finally wrote down some of my favorite recipes in this collection. Maybe it will grow over time.

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